Activity 2 - Impromptu Speeches



If you have attended the teaching, you would recall that I have intentionally planted a few surprises in the participants chairs. A pink paper with instructions on the following topics:

  1. My first mission trip
  2. I love this sports
  3. I know how to . . .
  4. Serving the Catholic Church
  5. My funniest experience
  6. Free topic (Choose your own)

The Instructions:

  1. Pick one of the topics above.
  2. Give yourself 30 seconds to prepare and arrange your thoughts.
  3. Deliver the talk in 1 minute.
  4. To make sure that you follow the rules, I suggest that your record yourself and if you're open to anyone, in the comment below send us a link to your recorded file. (OPTIONAL) -

TIP: You may record it on your mobile phone's recorder and upload it on Google Drive or any other app that is shareable.

Ready? GO & SHARE!

Impromptu speeches allows us to see how we can possibly deliver a talk, its dynamism, the skills and the ability to relate to the audience in such pressure and limited time. But it doesn't define who we are...

This course/teaching is intended for us to polish the skills and become effective speaker when given an opportunity.