Activity 1 - Rationale: Blast Off


In the comment below, share how was your short flying experience feels like?

  • Have you actually fly?
  • What have you seen in your surroundings?
  • Did you raise your hands? and fly or have done the Superman/Wonder woman pose?
  • How did you feel while doing this activity?

I have asked you to go with me into this journey of flying ang ignite your creativity because, like Speaking in front of an audience such as delivering a talk; we bring our audience into that specific "land" (topic). Such as God's Love land or Loving thy neighbor land....

Thus, this skills requires CREATIVITY... because

And because PUBLIC SPEAKING is an ART, creativity is required.

I personally believed that everyone can be creative, so as a speaker it is your responsibility to bring your audience into that land (the topic you are assigned to deliver) and allow them to EXPERIENCE it. There is emotion, feeling, thought, lessons, wisdom, knowledge that we have to impart to our listeners/audience and using creativity, inspiration and imagination would help us pull it through.